Saturday 11 February 2017

Polka Dots & Pink

 Happy Saturday!
 I'm sharing another outfit post from NYC today, shot on an incredibly sunny day in the city! Now that I've been home for a couple weeks I'm already back in New York daydream mode, trying to plan when I can get back over again this year (ASAP, basically). I've been in a pretty bad creative slump this week which is so frustrating, but I find that sometimes trying to push it when you already feel like this is even worse! My weekend plans are to chill out and try recharge myself for a hopefully busy & creative week ahead. I'm going to start working on a short NY travel video so that I stay sort of productive this weekend, should hopefully have that up soon! I'm heading to the Dublin Tech Summit next week which I'm super excited about, that should help on the inspiration side of things at least. 
Wishing you all a great weekend!

Photos by Lisa Richov

Top / Jeans Topshop / Coat Missguided / Boots Marks & Spencer / Bag H&M

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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