Saturday, 14 January 2017


I know that I'm pretty late to be posting about my goals and plans for 2017, but I purposely took the time out to have a serious think about what I want to achieve over the next 12 months. At the start of every year I tend to write a ridiculously long list of goals only to become a bit overwhelmed by it all and as a result I don't get a lot of it done. I love making lists of both short and long term goals, and to this day I still need to physically write things down on paper in order to make them real and unavoidable. This year I've decided to simplify my goals for 2017 down to the most important personal ones - focusing more on bettering myself, leaving silly insecurities behind and getting out of my comfort zone. Of course I also have career and travel goals for 2017, two of which I'm ticking off at the end of the month with a trip back to my favourite city, New York! It's been far too long since I've visited and I really wanted to make sure I got back over at some stage this year. I'm also shooting some really exciting content for the blog over there so look out for that in February! Some other places I would love to visit (some unfortunately aren't as realistic as others) this year are:

- Venice
- Paris
- Kyoto
- Vienna
- San Francisco 
- Chicago

While I did manage to tick some amazing things off my 2016 goals list like visiting Japan and eventually starting my blog (only about 2 years later than intended!), it was definitely a tough year and I'm really happy to see the back of it. Going forward into this year, I want 2017 to simply be a year of doing with no excuses. For as long as I can remember I've always been such a worrier, even about the smallest things and I've let that stop me from putting myself out there and doing things that I deep down really wanted to go for. This year, I want to say yes to opportunities and not let my shyness or worries get in the way, travel a lot more and grow creatively by pushing myself every single week. A few creative goals this year are - carry my film camera around with me and get back into photography, pick up my guitar every week and try to learn a new song, learn a new recipe every week and of course put my all into making the best content possible for the blog. Starting a blog was and still definitely is a scary, nerve wrecking process but I can't wait to write and share more personal posts here. It won't be easy but it's a step forward in getting out of my very comfy comfort zone!

Health and wellbeing have a big part to play this year for me. While I'm already quite a physically active person and enjoy exercising and eating healthily, my main health focus this year is on my mental health and overall happiness. Like I said, I get in my head a lot with stupid worries that often bother me for weeks (...months, really) even though I kinda know deep down that I'm being ridiculous. A big one last year was getting caught up in my plans for the future and being a 'successful' person, but now I'm happy to take things slow and try my hardest to leave the negative weight behind, devoting that time to bettering myself every day instead. Fellow over-worriers will know how hard this can be but it was never going to come easy! 

So to sum up, I want to be happy, healthy and get creative in 2017.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you the very best for 2017!

Photos by Brid O Donovan

Jacket: Missguided (Similar) / Jeans: Asos / Boots: Public Desire


Friday, 30 December 2016

Edinburgh / Dec 2016

Earlier this month I got to tick an amazing city off my travel bucket list, what's even better is I got to go with some of my best friends! Only a 45 minute flight away, I can't believe I hadn't visited Edinburgh sooner as I've been meaning to for so long. Of course it didn't disappoint at all and going around Christmas time just added more charm to an already magical and breathtaking city. I'm already thinking about my next trip back!


Monday, 19 December 2016


If you didn't see the photo I posted on my instagram last weekend, then meet the latest addition to my rapidly (*worryingly) growing blush pink collection - this cute little crossbody bag from Mango! I'll admit that I got way too excited when I came across it on the website last week, partly because the faux suede flap and gold hardware looked very Chloe inspired and reminded me ever so slightly of the amazing Drew shoulder bag that's been on my wishlist for so long! As someone who usually opts for a big handbag to needlessly carry my life around in, I was worried I wouldn't get too much use out of this bag due to its size. However when it arrived I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it was bigger than expected and could hold a lot, yay!

Shop the Bag here

Photos by Kelsey Lennon



Sunday, 27 November 2016

Nov 27 / Outfit Post

Happy Sunday! I was doing a major wardrobe clear out this month and came across this coat I had completely forgotten about. I got it from SheIn last year and since my pink coat obsession is at an all time high, finding it now was perfect timing!

I've been slightly quiet on the blog the last few weeks, still trying to find the right balance between working and creating good content. I've been learning so much at my internship that I'm hoping to put into practice from now on here. Next weekend I'm going to Edinburgh so expect a tourist photo overload on my instagram!

Photos by Kelsey Lennon


Saturday, 12 November 2016

Outfit Post & a Little Update!

Happy Saturday! I'm just wrapping up a very busy but exciting first week at my new internship with They're a fantastic fashion company that I've been following for so long and I'm really enjoying working together and learning about all the aspects that go into running a successful business. Week one was fab, I can't wait to see what the next few months will entail!

As mentioned in my last outfit post, I'm really trying to get out of my habit of wearing the same outfits every day and experiement a bit more. I love pairing dresses with long sleeved tops because it's such a great way to get wear out of your strappy summer dresses and tops in winter. I picked this particular dress up in Penneys/Primark a few months ago, but this midi style is still around everywhere now. Also, if it wasn't obvious enough from nearly every other previous outfit post, yes I'm still obsessed with these Public Desire boots!

Photos by Kelsey Lennon

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Pleated Midi Skirt

This winter, I really wanted to start wearing more skirts instead of constantly throwing on my skinny jeans out of pure convenience. I spotted this pleated midi skirt in H&M and loved it instantly! I like the dimension that the pleated detailing adds to this otherwise plain outfit. So easy to dress up or down and a new staple for sure!


Top: Missguided (Similar) / Skirt: H&M / Boots: Public Desire

Photos by Kelsey Lennon

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Review / Sephora Pearl Masks

Very little else makes me feel as relaxed at the end of a long day than pampering my skin and putting on a face mask. Recently, I was very lucky to have a friend nice enough to take time out from her holiday to pop into Sephora for me to pick up a few face masks to try! I'd never used any Sephora skincare products before and considering there is no store in Ireland, I perhaps impulsively, stocked up on a lot of different face masks. I was intrigued by the variety of masks that were on offer to target specific skin type needs and wanted to give them all a go. The first ones I decided to try out are from the Pearl collection, my likes and dislikes about each can be found below!

Pearl Face Mask

If there's one skincare product I hoard in bulk, it's definitely sheet masks. It was only during a trip to Japan in January that I became a little bit obsessed, making sure I stocked up on every Etude House mask (the 'I Need You' treatment masks are still my all time favourite!) I could find before coming home. The collection has been growing ever since! 
I was originally drawn to the Sephora Pearl mask for its claims to brighten and perfect uneven skin tone. I know a sheet mask won't solve all of my skin issues but as I often struggle with redness, I was hoping the mask would give me a radiance boost and help to even out the area's I'm self-conscious of. The Pearl mask is a single use sheet mask that you put on for 15-30 minutes. When it came to applying it, the size of the sheet was significantly larger than my face, causing it to shift around a lot and made multi-tasking with it on was pretty impossible! However, after 15-20 minutes I took it off and definitely saw an instant improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. It looked more radiant and make-up went on so smoothly after. While it had good instant results, the brightening effect was short-term and returned to normal by the next day. I think it could be a good quick-fix if you wanted an extra boost to your skin for a certain day or to treat yourself with a pamper session (any excuse!)

Pearl Sleeping Mask

At first I was weary of this one as I don't like to apply thick gels or anything that makes my skin feel sticky when I go to sleep. However, this sleeping mask felt really soothing and cooling to apply and sank into my skin really nicely without leaving a tacky residue. In the morning my skin felt deeply moisturised and soft to touch. As for it's claims to brighten the skin, I didn't see much evidence of that. Claims aside, it's a really lovely hydrating moisturiser and I got about 3/4 uses out of it. However, since I already have an all time favourite overnight mask (Origins Drink Up-Intensive), I don't see any reason to repurchase this one!

Pearl Eye Mask

Out of them all, I was most excited to try the eye mask and I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint! The mask comes in 2 small cloth sheets, designed to fit and apply easily into the contours of the eye. Once the mask is in place, you leave it on for 15-20 minutes, massaging any leftover excess into the skin once you have removed them. As someone who is very self-conscious of my purple/red under eye tones, I was delighted to see that when I took the eye mask off after 15-20 minutes the area looked ten times better! Any bags under my eyes were instantly depuffed and any redness was significantly minimised. My under eye area looked smooth and hydrated, giving an overall more radiant complexion to my face. This is definitely a great budget eye mask and one that would be perfect to apply the morning after a bad nights sleep for a fresh faced appearance. I'd repurchase this one for sure!

Hope this was helpful, I'll be trying out the other Sephora masks over the next few weeks!