Monday, 31 July 2017

35mm #1 // Olympus Infinity Jr

Happy Monday! Today's post is the first 35mm feature on the blog. I've accumulated quite a few film cameras over the years and had sadly let them all gather dust for far too long. I've decided to re-shoot a couple of rolls on my old favourite cameras to test out the differences and show the photos on the blog. The photographs in todays post were shot with a point-and-shoot pocket camera I picked up in a thrift shop in New York about 4 years ago. The Olympus Infinity Jr was so handy to use around NYC, so easy to take quick spur of the moment snaps while on the go. After I got back from New York I left it on the shelf for a long time but finally it's getting some use again however many years later!

We took these photos really quickly (and got kicked out just as quickly) at a place with one of my favourite views of the city. This is such a gem of a pocket camera - compact, insanely easy to use and there's such a dreamy hue through the viewfinder. While these photos were only just test shots to refamiliarise myself with the camera, they've got me so excited to properly take it out on a day-to-day basis again!

Major S/O to this wrap dress from that I'm currently obsessed with. Yes, it may technically be a dress but it's super versatile and easy to style a lot of different ways which is great for the unpredictable weather we get all year round here. Personally I love it over skinny jeans! Check it out here.

I'm so happy with how the photos came out and there will definitely be more to come going forward. Thanks so much to my always helpful friend Kelsey for taking the photos of me. I hope you all have a great week!

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